Top Travel Finds for Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is coming on July 12 and 13, and with many deals already live, I thought I’d share some of the fun travel finds I discovered over the weekend. Most of the items we already own and can personally recommend for travel, unless otherwise noted in the description. Note that deals may vary by the day, so prices are subject to change without notice. Happy sale hunting, friends!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, Amazon has made it really easy to find great Prime Day deals in the search bar of their website. From the category option drop-down (located immediately to the left of the search bar), click and select “Prime Day.” Then type in a certain brand name or item that you’re hoping is on sale. The search results are filtered by Prime Day Deals that best match your search criteria. Woohoo!

Fire 7 Kids Tablet (2019 Edition)
$49.99 (regular $99.99)

We started traveling with this tablet when Gavin turned 2 and we still use it two years later.

PROS: The case is included and super sturdy for those steep tabletop drops. For some added peace of mind, if anything breaks within the first two years of purchase, Amazon will replace it free of charge. You can download content while connected to WiFi, so you can have plenty of educational games and videos available for offline use when traveling in airplane mode. The parental controls are easy to use and help me manage what content I let my son use. Amazon Kids+ is included for one year for free for new subscribers. The battery lasts up to seven hours per charge, depending on what content is being used (videos and games certainly drain the battery faster than books, brightness settings can vary battery dependability, etc.), and the device charges from 0-100% in four hours with included USB charging cable.

CONS: In our experience, the internal memory was not large enough (16GB), so we added a microSD memory card. I have an iPad, and comparatively speaking, the iPad is way faster with a more responsive touchscreen. BUT, if you can remember that this is an affordable electronic for your child’s use, I think you will find it worth the price. We certainly have and my son doesn’t even notice the lag.

Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet
$69.99 (regular $139.99)

If you’re looking for a tablet for your kids with a larger screen and more built-in memory, the Fire HD 8 Kids is also 50% off for Prime Day. We don’t personally have this tablet to be able to speak to its capabilities, but in a side-by-side comparison with the Fire 7 we already have, I think the extra $20 investment is a worthy one for having double the internal storage, HD videos, a screen that is one inch larger, and an improved battery life.

128GB MicroSD Card for Amazon Fire Tablet
$16.99 (regular $31.99)

Having extra memory for my son’s tablet has really saved my bacon when we’re traveling. The majority of his games, books, and videos are available for offline use when downloaded ahead of time on WiFi. Having lots of extra storage means we don’t have to be choosy about our apps when traveling in airplane mode. Highly recommend having extra storage, especially if your child is older than two.


Summer Infant 3D Lite Travel Stroller
$79.99 (regular $99.99)

We have two travel strollers, one compact for short trips, and this 3D Lite for longer trips or for trips to zoos and amusement parks where lots of walking (and naps) will be happening. You can read my full thoughts on the 3D Lite and the gb Pockit compact stroller here.

LuminAID 2-in-1 Titan Solar Lamp + Charger
$59.99 (regular $74.99)

This promo price is only good until 11:59 PST July 12, 2022. We have two of these Titan lamps and they come with us every time we travel and camp. They are solar powered (can also be charged with included USB cord), waterproof (make sure the charge cover is sealed tight!), self-inflate with a simple twist, can fully charge your phone up to three times on one charge, and has a red-light mode to help preserve your night vision when used in the dark. We use these to charge devices on-the-go, especially when airport charging stations are full or we are visiting a more remote locale. As for camping, these are wonderful to help illuminate your campsite for reading, meal prep, playing games, and mapping your route.

40 oz. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle
$30.24 (regular $49.95)

I will never forget the first time I used my Hydro Flask bottle. I was skeptical of the hype, believe me. I threw in a handful of ice cubes and filled the bottle cold water, sealed it tight, and left the bottle in direct sunlight of my vehicle (in the dead of summer) while I did a strenuous six miles roundtrip hike. When I returned to my car three hours later, the ice cubes hadn’t even melted yet. This is now a staple when we travel, especially for summer trips to beach destinations or places with rampant humidity. You can keep popsicles frozen or an icy cold beverage cool for hours.

Pelican – Marine Series Waterproof Floating Phone Pouch
$13.99 (regular $24.99)

I just ordered this for myself to try out! We’re always at the lake in the summer or visiting my sister in Florida in the winter, and I’m terrified to bring my iPhone 11 anywhere near the water. I’m hoping this pouch solves my problem, as I haven’t personally been impressed with the LifeProof cases. The case includes a lanyard, has floating capabilities so your phone doesn’t sink straight to the bottom of the ocean/pool/lake, and has a touchscreen window so you can use your device while it’s in the pouch.

According to the listing, the dimensions of the Pelican pouch are 4.5 x 8.98 x 0.17 inches. If your phone is larger than that with your case on, they also make an XL Version ($17.99, regular $24.99) with dimensions of 5.25 x 10.32 x 0.17 inches.

eBags Motherlode Travel Backpack
$83.99 (regular $119.99)

I researched travel backpacks for daysssss when Gavin was born. I needed something with lots of pockets, wiggle-room for all the extra backup diapers and outfits, and something that would be comfortable to travel with for days on end. I stumbled on eBags and absolutely love everything I’ve ever purchased from them. Even full price, they are well worth the investment, so I’m stoked to share they have a few bags for 30% off. This bag in particular is on sale in all colors, Black, Heather Grey, Eggplant, and Garnet (pictured is Heather Gray). There are also some e-Bags packing cubes and eBags toiletry kits on sale, but I haven’t personally tried those to give an honest, personal recommendation.

Bentgo Leakproof Lunch Box for Kids
$18.49 (regular $39.99)

I was skeptical that these would actually be leakproof, but I was pleasantly surprised that a lunchbox proved me wrong! Juice from fresh fruits or ranch dips don’t leak, even when the lunchbox is sideways in my backpack. We save the lunchbox for special occasions, roadtrips, and airplane travel days. The lunchbox is dishwasher safe (top rack recommended) and microwave safe and the rubber trim helps prevent tipping when placed on a flat surface. We’ve been using these for two years and they still look and feel brand new. So yes, while the price is steep, you’ll never need another lunchbox ever.

If you’re not into paying nearly $20 for a single lunchbox for your child, Bentgo also makes a non-leakproof version for 1/3 the full price! We don’t personally own these (yet) so we can’t provide a personal recommendation at this time. The online reviews certainly look promising.

Easy Lunchboxes

I bought the following two sizes, both of which happen to be on sale for Prime Day, on recommendation from @YummyToddlerFood on Instagram. For the price, they’re wonderful to keep food organized and provide a variety of options for snacks. My son (now 4) continues to be more impressed with Bentgo, so I tend to use the Easy Lunchbox for my own travel food.

4-Compartment Easy Lunchbox
$10.39 (regular $17.99)

I thought these would be great for traveling, but so far for us they’ve been more practical for picnics and lake days. They’re perfect for a little meat, cheese, and crackers, or sandwiches cut into squares with some baby carrots, pretzels, and hummus.

5-Compartment Easy Lunchbox
$11.99 (regular $19.99)

This size is the most practical for an adult meal with some snacks. I can fit a sandwich (cut in half so it doesn’t squish), fruit, pepperoni, cheese, and nuts in this box.

Medela Freestyle Flex Breastpump
$204.00 (regular $379.99)

I’ve been researching travel breast pumps for weeks to help a friend of mine who just found out she’s pregnant. Breastpumps have certainly come a long way in the last four years since my son was born. I previously used a Medela breastpump and trust this brand. And while I haven’t used this breast pump personally, this is the one I would buy if I needed one for my on-the-go lifestyle.

Here’s what attracted me to this product: the pump is small, weighs less than one pound, and has a rechargeable battery that lasts for two hours on a full charge (may vary depending on suction settings). The pump is discrete and quiet, which is handy if you need to pump in-flight on a crowded plane (been there with a bulky, loud breast pump and it was a little unnerving). In addition, the set comes with the breastpump, shoulder bag, an insulated tote and ice packs for your breastmilk, four flanges, two connectors, four plastic bottles, and the USB charger.

Baby Tula Carriers

My favorite hiking and travel accessory when Gavin was an infant was our Tula soft carrier. They have tons of adorable patterns (with new releases every month) and have carriers for every age newborn through kindergarten. Seriously. They’re the best! I could front-carry him with a hiking pack on, or travel with him in front-carry with a large backpack or diaper bag on my back. The carriers are soft, comfortable, and helped me keep my hands-free for the TSA checkpoints when traveling. Most designs also have a small pocket in the front, perfect for your boarding pass and ID.

All three patterns are compatible with the Baby Tula Newborn Insert, making these carriers safe for front carry with infants 7 -15 pounds. Without the insert, these carriers can safely be used from 15-45 pounds in front or back carry. We used our Baby Tula with the newborn insert for hiking and traveling until Gavin weighed 15 pounds. While it didn’t bother me carrying it while hiking, it felt like one more thing when traveling, but we made it work because the carrier was so comfy and Gavin loved it so much.

Baby Tula, “Archer” Pattern
$99.99 (regular $139.99)

Baby Tula, “Equilateral” Pattern
$74.95 (regular $149.00)

Did you found a crazy-good deal for Prime Day that you want to share? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

P.S. Have a travel item you love that you think we would love too? Send me an email or drop a comment below so we can try it out!

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