Welcome to the World, Gordon!

We welcomed our second child, Gordon, to this great, big, beautiful world on December 30! He came in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and 21 inches long at 37 weeks. We had a planned c-section this time around due to my previous pregnancy complications and again having gestational hypertension.

I learned that I’m better at unexpected and emergency surgeries than ones planned in advance. For this birth, I was a ball of nerves and had a panic attack on the table right before Ian came into the OR. Other than that, the experience was beautiful. We were able to have music playing while the doctors operated, the nurses kindly dropped the curtain so I could see Gordon being removed from the womb, and Gordon was healthy enough to stay with us in the OR and cuddle while I was sewn back together. He wasn’t whisked away hurriedly to the NICU; he was healthy and breathing on his own, able to be in the recovery room immediately after surgery with Ian and I. That was such a blessing and an answer to months of prayer.

We are all adjusting as expected, with broken sleep and the accompanying growing pains of short patience, lots of screen time, and ignoring household chores; yet we feel so delighted in becoming a family of four. Having a second child is surreal. Gavin asks almost daily, “Mom, can you believe you have another baby??” And I always respond in an awe-stricken, “No. No, I cannot!”

From my family, thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers throughout this pregnancy and delivery. We are so grateful for the love you’ve shown us!

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