Bump-Friendly Travel Outfits That Won’t Break the Bank

Maternity clothing that is comfortable, flattering, and affordable can be hard to come by, even with the internet marketplace at our fingertips. So this week I’m sharing all about my favorite maternity travel clothing finds that I’ve worn this pregnancy. Knowing these clothes were only going to be staples for about a year, I wanted to find clothes that I could mix & match into different combinations and would be comfortable for traveling and for chasing my four year old.

Favorite Finds Under $20

Isabel Maternity Leggings, $16.99 retail

I prefer a full panel over my growing belly, namely so I don’t have to worry about giving away a free show as I chase after my four year old in public or shove my carry-on into an overhead bin. These leggings are much better quality than the Motherhood Maternity brand leggings I purchased. I paired these with a tee shirt and a long cardigan. Bam. Perfect for running errands, traveling, or relaxing at home or the hotel. (The product photo is very unflattering, so I promise they are actually really cute and really comfortable in real life!). Once I hit my third trimester, I folded the full-panel belly in half to make them more comfortable.

Motherhood Maternity V-Necks, $12.99 retail

I bought one in every color, and really wish I would’ve bought at least two of each color. The shirts are longer than other maternity brands, which gives lots of ample room for your growing body, plus the fabric is luxe, soft, durable, and just the right amount of stretch.

Favorite Finds Under $30

Isabel Maternity Sweatshirt, $26.00 retail

These sweatshirts are so soft, have a nice selection of color options, and are long length so they pair great with leggings. The sweatshirt is pretty lightweight, so if it’s a chillier day I recommend wearing a puffy vest or cardigan with it, but otherwise extremely comfortable and flattering! I plan to hang on to this one as it’s a lightweight long-sleeve layer that will be easy to roll-up for breastfeeding once baby is here.

All in Motion Jogger Pants – short and long length available online, $30.00 retail

These are a non-maternity pant that I was able to wear through 33 weeks. I set the waistband under my bump and they are very comfortable to wear for a full day of traveling or running errands. They have great cargo pockets that fit my cellphone in an Otterbox case plus a zipper hip pocket, perfect for stashing your ID and cash for travel. I also love that I’ll be able to continue wearing these even after my pregnancy, so I feel like I really got my money’s worth. 

Isabel Maternity – Comfort Fit Post-Pregnancy Maternity Jeans, $29.99 retail

While these are advertised as post-pregnancy jeans, I loved these while pregnant. The waistband is so comfortable under my growing bump and there’s plenty of room in the thighs, where I tend to be more curvy, without looking sloppy. I’m hoping these will still be comfortable to wear even after baby is born, so stay tuned.

Favorite Finds Under $50

Sonoma Maternity Jeggings, $50.00 retail

Even though these are called “jeggings,” the quality very much resembled soft denim skinny jeans. These were comfortable enough to wear on both short and long travel days. I recommend sizing up from your pre-bump size to be safe, as they do run slightly small. I wore these on a four hour flight and just folded the full-panel under my bump to make it more comfortable for the long flight.

Figs Jogger Pants – short and long length available!, $48.00 retail 

One of the nurses at our fetal heart doctor recommended this brand, and wow, are they worth the money. I bought these to be work pants at the airport since my employer doesn’t offer maternity uniforms, but I ended up wearing these both in and out of work. They are so comfy and they come in long length, which I need as a nearly six foot tall woman. My only regret is not buying more colors!

Sonoma Wide Leg Pants, $40.00 retail

I wore the waistband under my bump as a matter of preference, but these were wildly soft and comfortable. These were just sheer enough to make me unwilling to wear them in public (I dress pretty modestly), but I tell ya what, they are perfect for chilling back at the hotel after a long day of exploring. These are packed in my hospital bag for delivery.

LC Lauren Conrad Denim Jacket, $50.00 retail

I’m VERY picky about jean jackets. I’m tall and I’ve got broad shoulders, so I need a denim jacket to be long enough and stretchy enough to be comfortable. I bought this on sale, but I honestly love it so much that I would’ve paid full price. It’s that comfy! Bonus points too, because I can wear this long after baby is born.

Additional tips to get the most bang for your buck with your maternity style:

1. Get the most of your pre-pregnancy clothing.

Remember that your pre-pregnancy button downs, tunics, cardigans, dusters, vests, and your favorite flannels can all still be worn throughout your pregnancy by layering maternity tees and tanks underneath them. This will save a ton of dough!

2. Buy clothing that you can wear post-pregnancy too.

Like I just mentioned, think open-front cardigans and sweaters, button-downs and flannels, jean jackets, and anything that you can wear a cost-effective maternity tee or tank underneath while pregnant. When buying maternity pants, look for under-bump waistband styles that will still be comfortable after baby is born and during your recovery.

3. Check consignment stores, thrift stores, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and beyond for used clothing.

Maternity clothes aren’t worn for that long, so you can find nearly new and gently used items pretty easily through consignment and thrift stores, or a variety of online marketplaces. Search Facebook for local maternity/motherhood groups that specialize in the resale of maternity clothing.

4. Sign up for those annoying promo emails or texts, get your discount code, and then unsubscribe after baby is born.

Most online retailers will send you a pop-up requesting your email address and/or cellphone number to score a discount code or free shipping on your first purchase. That’s free money! I maintain my subscription throughout pregnancy so I can always get notified of sales. Also, try adding items to your cart and leaving them there; oftentimes retailers will send email reminders about items left in your cart and offer a discount to help persuade you to into a sale. Sneaky, but it works, and then you get a discount on something you were going to buy anyway!

Motherhood Maternity V-Neck ($12.99) and a pair of Target post-pregnancy jeans ($29.99), layered with a pre-pregnancy Columbia flannel I already owned.

Share your favorite maternity clothing finds in the comments below, or shoot me a message on Instagram. I’d love to hear how pregnancy is treating you so far!

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