Four Easy Ways to Score Discounted Travel Strollers

With rising inflation prices, and the general high cost of travel strollers, finding exactly the right gear you’re looking for without breaking the bank can be difficult. Hopefully these ideas can help you score a deal on your next travel stroller.

Gavin in Chicago, sporting our compact GB Pockit Stroller that was gifted to us by a coworker.

1. Go with the uglier color option.

Strollers with weirder color schemes or designs tend to be cheaper. I’ve seen as much as a $64 price difference between two of the same exact strollers, all for the sake of color.

2. Check the specs for “ultralight” versus “lightweight” versus “standard” weights.

When it comes to travel-friendly strollers, the weight and size of the stroller itself are the top specifications I compare. These also happen to be the top specifications that can swing the price up or down. Sometimes the weight difference is only a matter of three to five pounds, but can give you a huge discount. The Joovy Caboose line is a great example of this; they have the Caboose stroller but offer it in three different configurations to meet the varying needs of families and price points.

3. Look for used gear locally and online.

What did we ever do before the internet? You can check resale websites, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or at your local thrift stores and consignment shops for steep discounts on used merchandise. With Facebook Marketplace, you can select to search gear locally and items that are eligible for shipping straight to your home. You could also buy used gear on Amazon, or check your preferred brand’s website to see if they resell gently used gear that was returned.

4. Sign up for emails from your preferred travel stroller brand. 

Many brands offer 10-20% discount codes, just for signing up for promotional emails. Especially with the approaching holiday season, be prepared for some great discounts to your inbox.

Bonus Ideas:

#1 – If you’re eyeing a travel stroller and haven’t had your baby shower yet, add it to your registry! Friends and family can go in together and share the cost, or purchase gift cards to help cover the cost for you to purchase the item on your own.

#2 – If you love traveling, but aren’t committed to purchasing your own travel stroller right now, ask to borrow one from a friend who has one, or rent one locally from sites like Quip and Rents4Baby.

What others ideas would you like to share? Leave a comment below!

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