Everything You Need to Know for Visiting LEGOLAND Florida in 2022

I absolutely love theme parks, and I lucked out with a kid that loves them just as much. Add in LEGO? We are so there. We met up with one of my sisters in Florida to check out LEGOLAND for two days in January. This was our first time ever to the park and we absolutely loved it. So here’s everything you need to know for visiting the theme park in 2022.

*Note: while the water park was open during our visit, we didn’t check it out because it was 60 degrees and windy. I guess I’ll have to come back! You can bundle in water park access for around $25/day per person, which would be worth it if your child can swim confidently and you’re visiting during warmer months.

1. The park is ideal for younger kids, but everyone will have fun!

If you have kids between the ages of 3 and 10, you’ve gotta visit LEGOLAND. Many of the rides allow a chaperone for guests under 40″, and ride options abound for kids 40″ and above (check the full list here). The park doesn’t boast crazy-twisty-topsy-turvy rides, but that’s a win for me since I can’t handle the wild roller coasters anymore. Something happened to my body after I entered my 30’s and had a kid. So think family-friendly rides that give thrill and amusement, and roller coasters that are exciting without having the magic ability to make your lunch reappear.

LEGO City Fire Academy is an interactive ride that lets you be a part of a fire brigade, complete with water features. One of my favorites!

2. Download the LEGOLAND Florida Resort app.

I thoroughly enjoyed the app, namely because I could create profiles for everyone in my party, add their height measurements, and receive ride recommendations for each member based on height qualifications. You can also look up live wait times to make the most efficient use of your time.

3. Face coverings are recommended, not required.

We didn’t see many people wearing face coverings aside from staff members, which is just something to keep in mind if you prefer to visit places with mask mandates still in place.

4. Stay onsite, you won’t regret it!

The hotel property onsite was just renovated to house two hotels: Pirate Island Hotel and LEGOLAND Hotel. We stayed in LEGOLAND Hotel in the “Adventure Theme” room and it was awesome! The obvious reason? We could see the park entrance from the front of the hotel, which made for a light commute with three kids under 7. The kids had their own sleeping area, free breakfast was included for everyone as a part of our vacation package, and each of the kids got their own free LEGO surprise after solving the in-room scavenger hunt. Oh, and you get free parking.

We also encountered a LEGO character Meet & Greet in the hotel lobby. The lobby was basically a LEGO paradise with thousands of minifigs on display, a castle full of LEGO pits and areas to run, and building areas throughout the entire area. We spent more time in the lobby than we did our hotel room, honestly. There’s also a restaurant and bar on both sides of the play area, so you can relax and enjoy a drink or a snack while your child builds and plays with thousands of LEGO pieces.

And perhaps the most exciting part?? Attending a Master Model Builder Session for free as a part of your hotel package, no matter what age your little builder. Sessions are limited to 12 participants per time slot, so be sure to RSVP as soon as you get the email announcement for your stay.

5. You can bring in your own drinks, snacks, and food items.

Great news, because while I love theme parks… I hate the overpriced food. I prefer to travel on a budget so I can see more things for less cost. We had breakfast in the park one day, and lunch in the park two days. But honestly? There wasn’t anything that special about the food. Sorry, LEGO. Could it be that we visited in the “off-season” so not everything was available? Possibly! I basically paid $12 for my son to eat an Uncrustable sandwich and have a juicebox. So I recommend packing in some sandwiches, water bottles, and snacks. For the most up-to-date information, check the LEGOLAND website for food, drink, and cooler rules/restrictions.

6. Wagons and strollers are allowed.

Strollers are a no-brainer, but sometimes it can be difficult to know if the wagon is worth it. We had no problem with the wagon, other than some steep inclines along the way throughout the park. I recommend that if you bring the wagon, use it namely for naptime and holding all your gear and souvenirs. I used our gb Pockit Stroller for this trip.

You can also opt to rent a single stroller (about $20/day) or a double stroller (about $30/day). Note that these are rented on a first-come-first-serve basis, so I recommend making a reservation in advance for your rental!

We beat the crowds by visiting in January and it was so worth it.

7. Don’t be afraid to start with the Big Shop or any of the other LEGO stores on property.

The store will hold on to your purchased items for the day (for free!) while you enjoy the spoils of their LEGO kingdom. This is great news for those folks who collect LEGO as a serious hobby/interest. The stores onsite had so many incredible sets that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I was on the fence about a few sets and instantly thought, “I don’t want to lug this around all day!” Fear not. They will hold it for you, for free, so you have my blessing to drop some serious cash on LEGO sets while you’re there.

8. Don’t miss Brickbeard’s Watersport Stunt Show!

I was wildly entertained with this one! My son loved the Brickbeard LEGO character and of course, the boats. This stunt show is performed on Lake Eloise and has everything from pirates to flyboards and wakeboards to barefoot skiing. Bring a cold beverage and your sunglasses, or sit close to the front and cool off for free in the splash zone! You can also Meet & Greet the characters after the show, so don’t run off too quickly.

9. Beat the heat with a splash pad, indoor playgrounds, interactive indoor play areas.

I live in Northwest Montana, so the Florida heat and humidity never agree with me. I prefer to visit in January and February when its cool and comfortable, but if you’re visiting later in the year, rest assured that there are plenty of indoor play areas for your kids that will give you a nice break from the heat! There’s even an adorable splashpad in Duplo Valley. Be sure to check out the interactive displays and history of LEGO in the attraction, The LEGOLAND Story, located within the coffee shop and watch Master Builders creating before your own eyes.

The LEGOLAND story interactive exhibit. “The number of unique ways you can combine six 2×4 LEGO bricks of the same color is an incredible 915,103,765. This astonishing fact demonstrates what we mean when we talk about the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick.”

10. Take advantage of the playground-style attractions all over the park.

My sister has two kids and I have one, both of her kids being taller than mine. So what were we to do when she took turns riding roller coasters with one daughter at a time while I entertained my son and her other daughter? Took advantage of the conveniently placed playground attractions! This helped everyone to feel included and have fun while waiting to rejoin family members. I had a hard time tearing my son away from some of these spaces, honestly.

11. Miniland USA will blow your mind.

The kids weren’t nearly as interested in this as I was. Imagine every iconic city in the U.S., but built entirely out of LEGO bricks. Some 20,000,000 bricks (I did not stutter with my use of zeros) make up the stunning display. Now, since the display is outside and forced to reckon with the natural elements, some displays may appear dirty or faded. Don’t let that distract from the incredible builds, just focus on the painstaking attention to detail of each build. Miniland USA is astounding!

You’ll find gobs of other LEGO builds all throughout the park and am always amazed by these creations!

12. If you have Peppa Pig fans in your family, be sure to buy the bundle pass for both LEGO and Peppa.

My son keeps reminding me we need to visit Peppa. The Peppa Pig theme park is officially open as of February 2022 and shares the same grounds as LEGOLAND. My sister was invited to attend opening week at the park, so here’s her take: “It’s cute, but it’s definitely for preschool. There’s a coaster that goes pretty quick, but no drops. My girls liked it and there was no waiting, we got right on everything. The rides are cute and there’s a couple playgrounds and a sand area.” I’m eager to get back to Florida to check it out for myself. Admission is only $35, or you can bundle with your LEGOLAND admission. Visit their website for the most up-to-date bundle information.

Have you been to LEGOLAND? Or Peppa Pig theme park? I want to hear about it! Drop a comment with your favorite ride!

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