My 5 Favorite Instagram Adventure Moms

In case you missed a recent Instagram post, I shared about my love/hate relationship with social media because finding real, genuine people out there among the masses can be really tricky when everything on social apps appears so perfect. But I’m a mom, so I know that perfection doesn’t exist, no matter how hard we try to achieve it.

If you’re seeking a dose of reality or maybe a little inspiration, I present you with my favorite Instagram adventure moms who also understand the importance and value of raising wild kids. These are real people who share the trials and triumphs of getting their children outside in an effort to help other parents get outside with their children too… Tantrums, meltdowns, snack breaks every five seconds, whining, and modified plans allll included.

Summer, @justatiredmomma

I just love every single photo on Summer’s feed. I have one kid and that’s more than enough for me to handle; she’s over here rocking adventures with THREE KIDS. On top of that feat, she is the most open and honest mom I know/follow, and she has a powerful gift of words and stories. She knows the immense joy and the sheer exhaustion that ebb and flow through motherhood. Bonus points: she loves Jesus.

Lëna, @lm_little

Lena takes her little boy on some of the most epic and beautiful hikes I’ve ever seen. Her photos literally make my jaw drop. She canoes, bikes, hikes, and camps with her son in places that look too gorgeous to be real. Not to mention I’m constantly impressed by her grit, strength, and fearlessness. Slay, mama, slayyy!

Lydia, @myadventuregang

I’ve been following Lydia and her family for quite some time and am always blown away by her outdoor passion. I swear she’s in a new place every time I check her Story. She has two boys and she’s showing them the world through hiking, camping, and fishing adventures. Not only does she provide valuable information and resources through her feed, but she doesn’t sugar coat the exhaustion of adventures with boys. She’s real, honest, and exactly what Instagram needs!

Hailey, @haileyoutside

Hailey has been navigating hiking alone with her infant son due to her husband’s deployment – thankful to report that he is officially HOME now, by the way – and she shares valuable information for new moms about hiking with infants, from breastfeeding, to naps, to recommended gear on the trail. I always feel uplifted and inspired by her adventures.

Andrea, @bcadventuremama

I deeply admire Andrea for her transparency and honesty about motherhood. She recently started dabbling in freelance photography too, so it’s a win-win for me. She’s an avid hiker, biker, and skier, and I just adore the photos of her little man on his bike. Seriously. I melt all over my keyboard.

I hope you’re as inspired by these women as much as I am. Motherhood can be overwhelming, exhausting, and lonely, but knowing there are other moms raising their children in the great outdoors gives me so much encouragement to keep going. The memories made and the life lessons learned are always worth the time, effort, and energy.

Are you an adventure mom too? Drop your handle in the comments so we can all be friends!

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